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Create Mock APIs With Ease

Develop your frontend without the need of a working backend. Make mock APIs in seconds to simulate responses, errors, and even complex flows.

Build faster

Unblock Frontend Development

Build your frontend while calling mock APIs hosted on our platform.

Create mock API endpoints.
Define API routes, HTTP methods, query parameters, and more.
Configure your response.
Responses can be static or can vary depending on defined conditions.
Manage your endpoints.
Enable and disable endpoints with ease.
Collaborate with your team.
Create APIs together. Mutliple frontends can call the same APIs.
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Handle Errors

Error handling from the start

Handling error responses from APIs shouldn't be an afterthought. Easily simulate all sorts of errors to ensure your frontend can handle them.

Simulate errors.
Define error codes and responses.
Replicate errors.
Easily replicate hard to reproduce errors.
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Apps are more than a single API

Mock complex flows of multiple API calls. Specify conditional responses and branching behaviors.

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Define complex flows.
Create a sequence of API responses to map to user flows within your app.
Add conditional responses.
Dynamically change API responses based on input.
Drag & drop interface.
Create and edit flows with ease.

Create mock API endpoints with ease and unblock your frontend development

Frequently asked questions

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When will Mockata be available?
Mockata is still in development. A specific date isn't available at this time. To get updates about when it will be available, please sign up for our mailing list.
How much does Mockata cost?
A price hasn't been set yet. Check back for more info soon.